Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
Jenn Wrote:On another note, I'm also more than a little amazed that proponents of BOD don't wonder why the most innocent of all, the unborn and unbaptized infants who pass away, are apparently assigned to Limbo, while the unbaptized above the age of reason, guilty of committing actual sins, can get to Heaven by BOD.

A quote from Pope Pius XII, which I provided in reply #168, should answer your question.  What's more, the idea that the Tridentine Fathers could contradict themselves in a catechism published only a few years later and that the most highly educated Churchmen, including sainted Pontiffs and Doctors, could so horribly misinterpret Trent for 400 years is also ludicrous.  There was no notable adversary to the Church's teaching on baptism of desire from 1566 up until 1949... doesn't that say something?

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