Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
Your problem then is not that Trent proclaimed two sacraments necessary for salvation (and not superfluous) and allowed one to be desired, but that the council itself did not explicitly explain how the other could be desired.  If Trent -- not the Church in general -- didn't teach it, you won't believe it, not even if the very same Tridentine Fathers teach BoD in a catechism two years later and if the Supreme Pontiff who closed the council definitively teaches it a year after that.  Because Trent didn't teach an (detailed) exception to the actual reception of Baptism, as it did with Penance, you argue that any exception offered makes Baptism "superfluous" and "optional," even though no one's arguing that (i.e. Baptism is superfluous and optional).

Where you get the distinction between sanctifying grace/justification/remission of sins and eternal life -- which allows you to deny that the Rom. Cat. and Ex Omn. Aff. teach BoD -- I don't know.  Trent did not envision different states of justification, one for the unbaptized and one for the baptized, which is a distinction you tried to make earlier in the thread ("that passage -- Sess. VI, ch.16 -- concerns only those already baptized").

You make a distinction which the Church does not make (different states of justification), and it appears that you reject a distinction which the Church actually does make (relative vs. absolute necessity).

If I have not described your position accurately, then please feel free to correct me.

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