Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
(01-14-2012, 07:49 AM)Stubborn Wrote:
(01-13-2012, 12:23 PM)FatherCekada Wrote: Dear Doce Me,

By trading proof texts over the question of baptism of desire, you've fallen into the trap of playing golf with someone who doesn't follow the rules of the game.

Feeneyite theology golf has its own rules that let them take Mulligans all over the place. Whatever it is, it ain't golf!

So let 'em play it by themselves. Time for Catholics who follow the real rules of the game to retire to the 19th hole!

Father, you consistently are misquoting *your* rules as "The" rules - now *your* rules have morphed into "the real rules".

I already shot a giant hole in *your* rules so instead of admitting your rules are not the Church's, you attempt to increase the value of *your* rules by calling them "the real rules"? *Your* rules need some re-work done asap.

I don't understand how a letter ("Tuas Libenter,") that was basically telling those theologians that they are not free to come up with any new doctrines, that not only are they themselves bound to the defined decrees etc, - they must also believe the constant teachings of the Church - turned into *your* rule that "we are bound to accept as de fide the common consent of theologians." . . . . . . . . . How were you able to garner that -  out of that?

That's even worse than what BOD supporters do with the canons from Trent - they see the word "Desire" and claim Trent is teaching about BOD Father.   

If this last paragraph below isn't clear enough Father, then, who knows, maybe I may bump into you at the 19th hole one day.

For we are bound to recognize in the moral unanimity of theologians not merely the voice of a body of men deeply versed in theology, though even from this point of view alone it well deserves our veneration; but, in a certain sense, the voice of the Ecclesia Docens, the Church as teacher, herself. This is what Pius IX has laid down in the Brief "Tuas Libenter," addressed to the Archbishop of Munich (1863), on the occasion of the theological Congress held in that city, in which he [Pius IX] declares that it is not enough for the learned [theologians] in their writings "to venerate and receive those things which have been defined by express decrees of Ecumenical Councils and of the Roman Pontiffs," as well as " those things which are delivered as divinely revealed by the ordinary teaching (magisterium) of the Church dispersed throughout the world, and are therefore, by the universal and constant consent of Catholic theologians held to belong to the faith;" but that they [theologians] are likewise "bound in conscience to submit themselves both to the doctrinal decisions of the Pontifical Congregations, and also to those points of doctrine which, by the common and constant consent of Catholics, are held as theological truths and conclusions of such certainty that the opinions opposed to these points of doctrine, though they cannot be termed heretical, nevertheless deserve some other theological censure."


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