Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
(01-14-2012, 07:49 AM)Stubborn Wrote: but that they [theologians] are likewise "bound in conscience to submit themselves both to the doctrinal decisions of the Pontifical Congregations, and also to those points of doctrine which, by the common and constant consent of Catholics, are held as theological truths and conclusions of such certainty that the opinions opposed to these points of doctrine, though they cannot be termed heretical, nevertheless deserve some other theological censure."

And it is the latter part of what you quote that cooks the Feeneyite goose, because Catholic theologians attest that baptism of desire was in fact, taught with "common and constant consent." (The only opponents to the doctrine were heretics mentioned by St. Bernard of Clarivaux in the 12th century.)

Moreover, by classifying baptism of desire as either "certain," "common teaching," "Catholic doctrine," "constant," "fidei proxima," " pertaining to faith," etc. (as I demonstrate they do), the theologians thereby placed it in a category that makes opinions that oppose it "deserv[ing] of some other theological censure," just as Pius IX lays down in what you quote.

So, you're still in the trap.

And the only guys I want to see on the 19th hole are those who play by the rules of the PGA (Pius IX Golf Association) and don't take mulligans!

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