Punk tries to destroy Our Lady of Guadalupe image, so I took him down

Well i said to him "why are you doing this? Don't you know Jesus  loves you?"  So he pulls out his pepper spray can tries to hit us. I turned quickly, and at that point
he hit one of the elderly men with the pepper spray and he will press charges.  He ran away but the police got him.

This is all unfortunate b/c now the women are scared to come out. No coincidence that they didn't show up.
This is not good since 40 days for life is coming up.

(12-31-2011, 02:15 PM)Don Quixote Wrote: Well he received a big surprise and a lesson -Don't mess with Our Lady.
Not on my watch!

We were praying the Rosary in front of the local abortion mill when a punk tries to destroy the glass frame image of Our Lady of Guadalupe today.
Every Sat. morning he drives by and hurls profanities at us. Well this morning with just a handful of elderly people he tried something different.
He parked his car in the street and walked up to our group praying. In the middle is Our Lady in a glass frame, 2 feet by 3 feet on a tripod.
Ok, so he walks pass me and goes straight for Our Lady. He lifts her up and that is when i go into action. I spring up behind him and give a full nelson so
that he lets her go. Unbeknowest to me, he had his knee up ready to smash her. I struggle with him and threw him to the ground. The older folks were
able to grab her in time, no damage. We wrestle on the ground and roll down the hill a ways. I still have my full nelson on him and he says "its over, let
me go." So i let him go keeping myself in btween Our Lady and him. Subsequently, he spits on me. (i could have rearranged his face, i surprised him for sure) and says
"blank, your God." and "i got to go to work" as he walked towards his car. Some of the old folks called the cops with his license number. The poor lost soul had
many tattoos, looked like a satanist.

Fellas, i have spent many a years in front of mills, usually they destroy a pro life poster but now they are going after Our Lady. Over my dead body.


You are truly a loyal son to Our Blessed Mother.

You have single-handedly made reparations to Our Lady for the 5th reason for the First Friday Reparations:

5. The offenses of those who outrage Her directly in Her holy images

She will remember you always.

God Bless.

It's a sad, sick man who hates Our Lady. May God give us all the grace to act like upright men when called.

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