Baptism of Desire: Avoiding the Red Herrings on a Nearby Thread
(12-31-2011, 09:51 PM)jordanawef Wrote: Stubborn, do you accept Fathers syllogism, including his conclusion?  If no, then object to the issues in the syllogism.  If yes, then thanks be to God.

The syllogism makes perfect sense so long as it agrees with defined teaching - or is that wrong thinking because even though to me, it seems obvious, the reality is that such a thing is not possible?
Does Trent and decrees from Councils owe obedience to the OM or is it the other way around - or are they both equal in authority?
Imo, there are plenty of syllogisms that can be applied to BOD that negate the one provided in the link.

For example,
Our Lords teachings + Trent's teachings = water is a necessity = harmony.
BOD + OM teaching water unnecessary = harmony
Water necessary  + water unnecessary = contradiction.

The syllogisms could continue on - today we celebrate the Circumcision of Our Lord, were any OT males saved if they were not circumcised?
St. Joseph certainly died justified, why did he not go straight to heaven?
Why did even he have to wait in "hell" until Our Lord's Ascension before he, dying justified as the head of the holy Family, could go to heaven?
He died in the state of grace and righteousness - no?

Our Lord Himself was circumcised because of the Law, not because He needed to be circumcised. IOW, wasn't the specific reason He was circumcised was to serve as an example, to show everyone is bound by God's Law?
If not, then why did He do it?
Same goes for His Baptism. One could make a syllogism from this as well - but it would result in the necessity of following the Law after Christ's own example - or no? If yes, then it is another example that serves to show that it is the Sacrament we must each receive.

Otherwise, BOD is a completely different baptism that still erases Original Sin - that should not be called "baptism" far as I can see from my arm chair theological position.


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