Baptism of Desire: Avoiding the Red Herrings on a Nearby Thread
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Your example of St. Joseph's death doesn't work because, like the Holy Innocents and St. Dismas, he died before Christ did and so had to wait for Him to open the gates of Heaven, much like the Holy Innocents and St. Dismas died before the Great Commission (around the time when Baptism became necessary for salvation) and so are bad proofs for baptism of desire.

You're missing my point.

BOD can put the person in a state of justification - that's what Trent's catechism teaches - I agree with that.
The syllogism in the link pretty much says the consensus of the theologians is that dying justified is the only thing needed for salvation:

BOD = one is in the state of justification.

So the syllogism is: Justification + OM teaching that dying justified = salvation = harmony

My question asks - - - - if being justified is the only requirement, certainly St. Joseph was justified  - why was he not  immediately rewarded salvation when he died?

And you have missed my point: no one of the justified dead went to Heaven before Christ did, just as none of them needed to be baptized before Christ made it obligatory.  "Justification = salvation" is not at issue here due to the extraordinary circumstances of Christ having to open Heaven for the just to enter into it.  Likewise, the Holy Innocents and St. Dismas did not need baptism as it had not yet been made obligatory at the times of their deaths.

That dying justified merits eternal life comes directly from Trent, so it is not a mere teaching of the of the Ordinary Magisterium.

The syllogism argues that Catholics are bound to the de fide and theologically certain  doctrines taught by theologians and that theologians DO teach baptism of desire as being either de fide or theologically certain.  Fr. Cekada then asks which premise do pro-Feeneyites deny.

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