Baptism of Desire: Avoiding the Red Herrings on a Nearby Thread
I know this has already been posted on one of these baptism of desire threads, but because the issue has come up again, I thought it'd be helpful to re-post it.

The Catholic Encyclopedia on necessity:

"Again, in relation to the means necessary to salvation theologians divide necessity into necessity of means and necessity of precept.  In the first case the means is so necessary to salvation that without it (absolute necessity) or its substitute (relative necessity), even if the omission is guiltless, the end cannot be reached.  Thus faith and baptism of water are necessary by a necessity of means, the former absolutely, the latter relatively, for salvation.  In the second case, necessity is based on a positive precept, commanding something the omission of which, unless culpable, does not absolutely prevent the reaching of the end."

Ah, I see that another poster has already quoted The Catholic Encyclopedia, even on this very page... sorry, Parmandur.

The only other thing I can think of adding right now is how nonsensical it sounds that some of the very same Tridentine Fathers (who surely understood Session VII) could compose a catechism that so "obviously" contradicted the council which had ended only a year before.  ???

"On adults, however, the Church has not been accustomed to confer the Sacrament of Baptism at once, but has ordained that it be deferred for a certain time.  The delay is not attended with the same danger as in the case of infants, which we have already mentioned; should any unforeseen accident make it impossible for adults to be washed in the salutary waters, their intention and determination to receive Baptism and their repentance for past sins, will avail them to grace and righteousness."

And again, Pope St. Pius X himself (as did Pius XII*) taught baptism of desire

"The absence of Baptism can be supplied by martyrdom, which is called Baptism of Blood, or by an act of perfect love of God, or of contrition, along with the desire, at least implicit, of Baptism, and this is called Baptism of Desire."

* ("Above all, the state of grace is absolutely necessary at the moment of death without it salvation and supernatural happiness—the beatific vision of God—are impossible.  An act of love is sufficient for the adult to obtain sanctifying grace and to supply the lack of baptism; to the still unborn or newly born this way is not open.")

My apologies, yablabo; this post probably wasn't necessary, except that I saw your stated confusion on "necessity."  You ended your post well.  Have you ever had a chance to read Pope St. Pius V's Ex Omnibus Afflictionibus?  That bull rather definitively teaches the possibility of catechumens being justified (by perfect charity, which brings with it the remission of sins) before the actual reception of Baptism.

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