Baptism of Desire: Avoiding the Red Herrings on a Nearby Thread
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In case of emergency Baptism by water can be replaced by Baptism of desire or Baptism by blood. (Sent. fidei prox.) - - - - - - - - FYI, "Fidei Prox" means, "almost a dogma" - or "approximately a dogma". We *are not* bound to believe fidei prox.

I know well what Sent fidei prox means AND what it doesn't mean.  (scroll down to # 57).

The whole "in case of emergency" imaginary scenario neglects or  perverts the the doctrine of Divine Providence entirely.

ONLY if you are confining your thoughts to a certain time, again. One of the Sacred Heart nuns who taught in the Academy I attended, lent a copy of her thesis to me.
It was a history of Catholicism in our city. It told of a time when we were lucky to have a priest up here from St. Louis TWICE A YEAR. Most people who had healthy babies just waited for the priest to Baptize them. A FEW Baptized their own babies. As for Baptizing the Indians we were converting then..well they, themselves seemed to need the ceremony, so they waited for the priest. Some of the babies & the Indians died before the priest came. However, their DESIRE to be Baptized saved them. BOD confers Sanctifying Grace.

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