Baptism of Desire: Avoiding the Red Herrings on a Nearby Thread
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(01-24-2012, 02:39 PM)yablabo Wrote: Is St. Liguori referring to "saved" in the same sense that the Ninevites were "saved" temporally by their penance only later to be destroyed by God?  or "saved" in the sense that at death one enters into the beatific vision?  and If the second is answered in the affirmative, then what happens when a person sins mortally after his "baptism of desire"?  does he once again baptize himself by desire and experience the remission of that sin?  if he can continually re-baptize himself by his desire for the laver of regeneration after sinning mortally, what sense is there ever to have recourse to the sacraments, least of all Baptism and Penance?

Baptism of Desire, if attained, is a one-time deal at the time of death, due to perfect contrition and charity.  Really, why are you trying to make this so hard, when it really is simple?

This post should end the thread, but sadly (as experience shows), it will not...  if I ever post in another BoD thread on Fish Eaters, then please PM me to yell at me (out of charity)!  :LOL:

Can do.  :LOL:

May I ask for the same thing? I learned ages ago that there is no use arguing with Feeneyites! I asked my sister some time ago to......if she ever finds me in a nursing home sitting in the "party room" with a party hat perched on my just SHOOT me. The same goes for engaging in arguments with the followers of the hate monger, leonard feeney.

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