New St. Joseph Prayer Book.
So I visited the Franciscan Monastery in DC today. After Confession, I went to the gift shop to see if they had any Franciscan rosaries (they only had one, and it was $103) and I noticed a New St. Joseph Prayer Book.

I start flipping through it, and what do I see: a non-Catholic section of the book dedicated to prayers used by Protestants, Jews, and even Hindus.

Why is "ecumenism" so important to people? What are kids to think if/when they get this prayer book as a gift?
Didn't you hear? The old Church was just so mean-spirited talking about being the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church so the 'reformers' wanted to throw open the windows and bring all people in to appease them. :crazy:
Now you know why Father Feeney needed to be destroyed, he was pronouncing the ONE DOGMA that upsets the liberals soo much, that GOD would actually have ONE FAITH, ONE CHURCH and ONE BAPTISM!!!
Ecumenism as practiced mostly these days is an exaggeration. Why is it important? Is that hard to answer? God in one, and many desire unity and wholeness. The desire isn't bad, but they are going about it all the wrong way. Not only do most people not have the faintest idea what Protestants, Jews, and Hindus believe, but then they also place their prayers as such in our books. SO neither the prayers nor the people are converted. It's not the Catholic way. Even with restoration ecumenism will not be gone. It will be restored to its proper place.

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