The Nine First Friday's

12 Promises of the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary
for those who complete the Nine First Fridays

1. I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life.

2. I will give peace in their families.

3. I will console them in all their troubles.

4. I will be their refuge in life and especially in death.

5. I will abundantly bless all their undertakings.

6. Sinners shall find in my Heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.

7. Tepid souls shall become fervent.

8. Fervent souls shall rise speedily to great perfection.

9. I will bless those places wherein the image of my Sacred Heart shall be exposed and venerated.

10. I will give to priests the power to touch the most hardened hearts.

11. Persons who propagate this devotion shall have their names eternally written in my Heart.

12. In the excess of the mercy of my heart, I promise you that my all powerful love will grant to all
those who will receive Communion on the First Fridays, for nine consecutive months, the grace
of final repentance: they will not die in my displeasure, nor without receiving the sacraments;
and my Heart will be their secure refuge in that last hour.

How to complete the First Friday’s Devotion:

1. Receive Holy Communion on each First Friday.

2. The nine Fridays must be consecutive.

3. They must be made in honor and in reparation to
His Sacred Heart.


Sacred Heart of Jesus, animated with a desire to repair the
outrages unceasingly offered to Thee, we prostrate before
Thy throne of mercy, and in the name of all mankind, pledge
our love and fidelity to Thee!

The more Thy mysteries are blasphemed, the more
firmly we shall believe them, O Sacred Heart of Jesus!
The more impiety endeavors to extinguish our hopes of
immortality, the more we shall trust in Thy Heart, sole hope
of mankind!

The more hearts resist Thy Divine attractions, the more
we shall love Thee, O infinitely amiable Heart of Jesus!
The more unbelief attacks Thy Divinity, the more humbly
and profoundly we shall adore It, O Divine Heart of Jesus!
The more Thy holy laws are transgressed and ignored,
the more we shall delight to observe them, O most holy
Heart of Jesus!

The more Thy Sacraments are despised and abandoned,
the more frequently we shall receive them with love and reverence, O most liberal Heart of Jesus!
The more the imitation of Thy virtues is neglected and forgotten, the more we shall endeavor to practice them, O
Heart of Jesus, model of every virtue!

The more the devil labors to destroy souls, the more we
shall be inflamed with desire to save them, O Heart of Jesus,
zealous Lover of souls!

The more sin and impurity destroy the image of God in
man, the more we shall try by purity of life to be a living temple of the Holy Spirit, O Heart of Jesus!

The more Thy Holy Church is despised, the more we shall
endeavor to be her faithful children, O Sweet Heart of Jesus!
The more Thy Vicar on earth is persecuted, the more we
will honor him as the infallible head of Thy Holy Church,
show our fidelity and pray for him, O kingly Heart of Jesus!

O Sacred Heart, through Thy powerful grace, may we become Thy apostles in the midst of a corrupted world, and be
Thy crown in the kingdom of heaven.

Thank you for posting!!  :amen: :w2go:
I always forget how many First Friday's I've done.  :S
I've always thought this was a really cool devotion.  Sadly, getting myself to Mass on 9 consecutive first Fridays would require a miracle of biblical proportions. 
Yeah, luckily this first Friday is a Holy Day so I will make it to Mass...but after that I would have to attend the NO if I wanted to do this devotion.


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