Did JP2 excommunicate "ALL" SSPX priests at one point?
(01-05-2012, 05:44 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: Canon Law was clearly on the side of Abp. Lefebvre since he clearly believed there was a state of necessity

It's hard to make that argument when the pope explicitly told you there wasn't and that that wasn't going to excuse you from the consequences.

Quote:although this state of necessity was not his mere subjective perception but an objective fact.

It wasn't an objective fact.  An objective fact is something like who the third president of the United States was.  This was the judgment of one man, in an area where the pope's judgment overrules his.

Quote:Either way, he could not incur excommunication according to the Church's law.

Of course people who break the law think they are justified in breaking it.  But the ultimate judgment of whether or not a state of necessity existed is in the hands of the supreme judge, the pope, not the person who broke the law in the first place.  Otherwise, that would be a completely meaningless exception.

Quote:Nevertheless, John Paul II decided to turn him into an example - unlike the hordes of heretics and pedophiles under his watch

It doesn't really matter what anyone else was doing.  But I think it's pretty clear why the pope would want to make an example of a situation that could have disastrous consequences for the entire Church.  Having a bunch of bishops going around consecrating other bishops as they like could cause all sorts of problems.

Quote:If this kind of despicable and unlawful course of action is divinely sanctioned, then there's no point in the law to begin with since all we have to do is rely on the whim of each and every pope according to the circumstances.

If the pope doesn't have the authority to say who is and who isn't consecrated a bishop and the authority to apply a penalty to any bishop that goes his own way on it, then we are at the mercy of every single bishop, which is a far worse scenario.

The point is, the whole reason we have a pope in the first place is, somebody has to be in charge.  Otherwise, it's chaos.  And even if the guy in charge is making some mistakes, it's not our place to try to override his judgment.  A successor of his might do so, but not us.  And in the end, God will make sure justice is done for Archbishop Lefebvre, regardless of what anyone, even a pope, says.  But as for us, here and now, we must obey the judgments of the Vicar of Christ.

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