culture in the US
This is food for thought - for me at least.  I was raised to stand on my own and rely on myself - not my parents.  I moved out at 17 and never really went back.  Summers I stayed with an aunt and worked in DC/NoVa.  When I graduated from college, I found a job, an apartment, and began my own life.  They were in Europe and never really offerred to have me move home. 

Thank you for posting this.
(01-06-2012, 10:21 AM)Laetare Wrote: For the Rao lectures entirely online for free, Alabama Catholic Resources has obliged us:

Barren Harvest is really good...

Whether this is legal, who knows? The site hasn't been taken down in 2 years since I last visited it, so... :)

I just Googled Varian Harvest and found a whole site of Dr. Rao's work for free.

Barren Harvest was totally awesome!  Having been protestant for 26 yrs. before finding Catholicism, I could totally see the points he made!
It also made me realize that some of the problems I still have in my spiritual life are an inheritance from all  my years as a Protestant.  Now I have to figure out what the solution is.  LOL

There are a couple of articles on there about the protestant influence on AMerican culture that are really good as well.  I found one called American Dream, Catholic Nightmare, particularly fascinating.
Culture in the US

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