Farewell to Vetus Ordo: Share the Memories
He turned me into a newt! (...I got better.)      :grin:
(01-20-2012, 06:10 PM)Walty Wrote: JAYNE.  WE GET IT.  YOU DON'T LIKE VETUS.

No kidding. Honestly, Jayne....

The time we fooled the chat by alternating playing a fake persona was hilarious.  :grin:
I'm pretty surprised that he got banned, and I don't remember seeing any egregiously ban-worthy behaviour from him recently, but I'm often puzzled about why someone got banned.

I've always found Vetus kind of strange.  At times, he was the most reasonable poster in a thread, bringing calm and order and common sense back when it was really needed.  At other times, he posted some really strange things.

If we want to continue this discussion where he can participate, we could presumably do it in the cornfield, couldn't we?  And if we do that, someone can message him via Facebook or email, inviting him to join us.  I don't know if he would, though -- in his shoes, i.e. if I was banned, I'd probably just want to stay away, at least for a while.  As has been pointed out, he has always behaved as a gentleman, and I presume will continue to do so.
I've disagreed with him more than a few times, but he's hella smart, and always had insightful points to make, even if they were wrong  :P But seriously, he really is an asset to FE.
(01-20-2012, 05:55 PM)Walty Wrote: Vetus is one of the folks that made FE great.  If his ban is permanent then we've lost something irreplaceable and we should count ourselves as quite unfortunate.

I mostly lurk on here, but this 100% correct.  Often times I would be skimming through posts and when I would come to his I would stop and actually read it.

May he keep the Faith alive in Portugal.
I remember the time I started a thread for reaching some post number milestone.  As is the custom, everyone else congratulated me.  Vetus posted about how vain and frivolous it is to care about post counts.  He disliked me and made no secret of it.
To be more serious -- I had a few bitter arguments with Vetus, but much more often, I found myself reading one of his posts and immediately thinking "THIS!" We thought very much alike on a lot of issues. And very differently on a few.      :LOL:
(01-20-2012, 06:42 PM)JayneK Wrote: He disliked me and made no secret of it.

Irony much?

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