Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Revolution & Counter-Revolution, and the TFPs?
Revolution and Counter-Revolution at first glance just seems to be conservatism sprinkled with Catholicism. It's much more than that. Plinio and the TFP present their ideas in such a way that what they seem to be offering, isn't what they are really offering.  Plinio and the TFP's goal is to advance the idea that people are inherently unequal. They aren't defending the present class structure or the idea that people are unequal by ability.  They believe that certain people are from birth born with qualities that make them better than vast majority of the population and that these people are who should govern society and the Church.  Thus, Plinio and the TFP never complained much about Vatican II or the Novus Ordo because they aren't the problem.  The problem is that peasants like Saint Pius X got elected Pope.  If the Church had simply continued to elect pontiffs from established families everything would be so much better in the Church.  Likewise, the problem in society is the proper kind of people aren't leading society.  I need to stress again...they believe class is a bigger problem today in the Church than Vatican II, the Novus Ordo, and modernist theology. 

Plinio and the TFP basically offer the flip side of liberation theology except the class they favor isn't the poor, but the landed aristocracy.  In fact, they frequently blame the poor for what has gone wrong in the world, which seems to fly in the face of Christ and Church tradition. What they offer isn't a Catholic approach to society and politics, but a warped political ideology disguised as Catholicism.  I am not critiquing monarchy or aristocracy here.  These forms of government can work. I just find the idea that class is more important than religious ideas repugnant. 

In addition, the TFP just isn't honest with their positions.  They don't make clear the above is their goal.  There is a whole bunch of other stuff they believe that they don't publicly share.  Their America Needs Fatima sister organization won't publicly say what their view of the consecration of Russia is. 

Finally, a few years ago a website did a hatchet job them.  A lot of the critiques this website made were unfair, but the TFP's response was troubling in my mind.  While they dispatched of some of the baseless accusations, they presented theologically troubling views in defense of some of the accusations.  Thus, the organization said there was nothing heretical in describing Plinio's mother as the "light and source of light" (descriptions typically used of God) or as a "mediatrix" (a title reserved for Our Lady) although they did admit it was best not to do so (p. 13-14, document below).

The following document has many more defenses that left my head scratching:

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