Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Revolution & Counter-Revolution, and the TFPs?
(01-24-2012, 07:44 PM)Roger Buck Wrote: This is off thread, although I'd like to say Someone 1776 that I am finding your analysis here very useful indeed ...

But separate to your useful analysis here, I noticed you being a "Neo-Candylander".

I have yet to figure what a Candylander is in this forum - let alone a Neo Candylander?

Will someone (doesn't need to be Someone 1776) please tell me?

People said he was a neo-con and a candylander. Thus, Neo-Candylander. As far as meaning, a neo-con is basically a conservative non-traditionalist. I'll let another member define Candylander.

The term came to prominence here:

Quote:It has come to my attention over the last several months that there is a divide among trads.  And it's not the typical Sede, SSPV, SSPX, FSSP, Dioc, Consev NOer divide.  Those make for interesting discussions sure...but tiresome when we get a troll who just wants to inflame.

No the new divide cut across all the above categories of Catholic.  Candyland trads can be any of the above, just as there are Candyland prots.  The mark of a Candyland trad is that they have a very narrow definition of what fits with Catholic life.  Dress like a sack od potatoes, don't educate women, beleive weird conspiracy theories, have no faith in your neighbor who is not Catholic, believe the .gov is out to get you, and the US is not at all Christian and inf act so unChristian it deserves to fall, If a bishop you admire says something...then it must be so, no matter how retarded.

Candyland trads are very much like the folks who attend Pentecostal services who wave their arms and flail and make noises to appear as if they have a direct line to God.  It is a put on, an attempt to win an argument, even when this is create an argument/atmosphere where they take the "holy high ground" and must maintain it at all costs, because that is the "Catholic position".

Recently we have seen the notion that movies that are not even blasphemous must be avoided.  I'm not sure where that leaves we will be able to only watch movies about saints and historical events....the obvious idiocy here reeks...but that does not put the Candyland trad off....he must attain heaven at all costs...even the cost of denying everything available to us that is not immoral.  An attempt by candylanders to make everything they do not personally like into a morality struggle is a hallmark of Candylanders.

worse, even when there is something immoral, they are the first to judge condemingly, all to make themselves feel more holy not for the betterment of the sinner...or at least that's the way it appears.

We have seen dress turned into a holy crusade by Candylanders, anyone who dresses in the current fashion is a supporter or an enabler of the abortion culture or immodest and likely to make men jizz the toilet...self serving never had so good a counter even at Golden Corral

We have seen Candylanders demand a  new order to society...divide up the land and make them farmers...yep stealing in the name of the wow

Candylanders love to break out the Charity card, when charity is not an makes them feel like an intellectual martyr...that way they can avoid any meat.

The funny thing about all Candylander stands and their holierthanthou attitude, is that everyone can see through it....even fellow candylanders. 

Real people who are trads on the other hand (or NOs or prots) do what folks do in this time place and culture.  They do it with a Catholic understanding and flair, but they do it.  Why, because in the things that make up daily life there is nothing that Catholics cannot do (assuming of course we are not talking about blatantly immoral things like going to a strip club or working there.

But let me say this.  Even were one to do one of those, work or patronize one...real people will not spend all day trying to prove that it is immoral to the other person, they don't need to....because it is self-evident.  Real people offer help....Candylanders offer nothing but condemnation.

We can see this in +W's writings and his devout followers.  He condemns the current culture and offers his solution as the only solution.  The problem is that he is seeing things, some of which needs condemning, much that does not, rolls it all up and give one possibele solution as the only solution. 

Real people, see his solution as a solution.  They may not like it but it is a solution...and it is.  His views on the place of women are a solution....but they are not the only way to go.  In fact there is no particular reason to change much about they way women operate at this point...aside from some obvious things such as making abortion illegal....but that is not's everyone.

Now lest everyone think they are a Candylander because they hold one or two goofy views...let me tell you you are not.  Goofy views are held by all is the holierthanthouness that makes the Candylander who he is...

I would not have made this post except the problems that Candyladers make for the trad movement, while not insurmountable are a major problem.  I know of several people on the forum who cannot get their spouses or family etc, to go to a TLM because the folks they'd like to bring with them think one  must be a Candylander to be a much so do they think this that not only do they not see a difference in the NO and TLM....but they probably really view the existence of the TLM as a bad thing since it encourages Candylanders....encourages a holierthanthouness. 

I say those folks are wrong.  you do not need to be a Candylander. to love the TLM and be a trad.  I say that despite the fact that Candylanders are attracted to the TLM it is superior...but I understand that Candylanders LOVE the TLM because it is a small community...a community so small...they can feel holierthanthou just by going....

And the same applies to the drone +W following crowd.  They know that he is relegated to a small group of followers...what better way to get your holierthanthou jollies off than by going under his wing in all things...then while he is bashed for the HolocaustTM thing, Candylanders can be martyrs with him....and can martyr themselves again when he makes outlandish claims about women...and the list goes on.

So here we are, at war with Satan, and Candylanders, in trying to keep him at bay, give him the keys...keys not to get in necessarily...but keys to lock out the rest of the world...Good job guys...

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