Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Revolution & Counter-Revolution, and the TFPs?
(01-23-2012, 12:30 AM)alphonsusjr Wrote: What do you think? I'm now reading his Revolution and Counter-Revolution, and it strikes me as brilliant and right.

I had not heard about TFP before.  And, I have not finished Rev and Counter Rev.  However, Oliviera is certainly correct that something positive must be done to stop the ongoing disestablishment of Christendom.  Further, he is correct that this positive action will for all intents and purposes be in the nature of a revolution.

The first step in any revolution is the simple act of non-cooperation.  We cannot, for example, change in an instant the New Mass.  However, each of us can refuse to cooperate in the process of its becoming still newer.  The second step is to provide an alternative to the status quo, and attending the traditional mass and supporting its growth fulfills that element.

The terminal steps concern striking the blow that topples the status quo, and this is a function of strength.  While it is possible to strike such a blow when one is outnumbered, as proved by the Spanish Civil War, usually it ends in failure.  Traditionalists are confined to asymmetrical relations with the Church and society for the foreseeable future, and the question is how to keep the faith and the revolutionary spirit alive during this period.  As the Church's own history shows, this period can last for centuries - one thinks of the long yeras between the Ascension of Christ and the ascension of Constantine to the throne.  Though modern people are loathe to admit it, the early Church worked ceaselessly to bring about the day when the emporer himself would acknowledge the reign of Christ. 

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