Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Revolution & Counter-Revolution, and the TFPs?
(01-26-2012, 07:54 PM)Crusader1095 Wrote:
(01-23-2012, 01:30 AM)Someone1776 Wrote: Revolution and Counter-Revolution at first glance just seems to be conservatism sprinkled with Catholicism. It's much more than that. Plinio and the TFP present their ideas in such a way that what they seem to be offering, isn't what they are really offering.  Plinio and the TFP's goal is to advance the idea that people are inherently unequal. They aren't defending the present class structure or the idea that people are unequal by ability.  They believe that certain people are from birth born with qualities that make them better than vast majority of the population and that these people are who should govern society and the Church.  Thus, Plinio and the TFP never complained much about Vatican II or the Novus Ordo because they aren't the problem.  The problem is that peasants like Saint Pius X got elected Pope.  If the Church had simply continued to elect pontiffs from established families everything would be so much better in the Church.  Likewise, the problem in society is the proper kind of people aren't leading society.  I need to stress again...they believe class is a bigger problem today in the Church than Vatican II, the Novus Ordo, and modernist theology. 

Could you please provide some quotes from the book to prove your points? I have a hard time believing that a book praised by numerous Ecclesiastics, canonists, and theologians would contain such outlandish ideas. Furthermore, I've read it more than once, and never read anything like you are saying.

Yes, I'm now on pg. 70 and am having difficulty seeing the truth of Someone's charges.

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