Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Revolution & Counter-Revolution, and the TFPs?
I would like to preface this post by saying I am not, nor have I been, a member of the TFP.
   I am however, a Catholic. As such, I am most distressed to see such vile things as calumnies and lies being thrown around on this here-to-for, highly respectable forum.
I know that you will all dismiss me immediately since this is my first post. I have, up to this point, participated in this forum on a read-only basis. That will do little to abate the ire of those for whom credibility and right i determined by the number of posts one has;but I stand by it.

     I would like to start by recommending all of you to read this: , In which the TFP answers many of the baseless and frivolous accusations against it..
Secondly, I have, in my own personal experience, (Which includes, but is not limited to: Conferences, Pro-life demonstrations, Traditional Marriage campaigns, lectures, summer programs, etc) never found the TFP to be anything other that what they claim to be: an organization of Lay Catholic men dedicated to combating the growing tides of secularism, modernism, and progressivism. 
      I have seen them demonstrate an understandable admiration and deference for their founder, Prof. Plinio, but never anything that transgresses the bounds of Catholic practice.
      Also to be seriously considered are the endorsements of such notable Clerics as Cardinals Stickler and Medina (Tireless advocates of Tradition), as well Bishops Bruskaewitz and Vasa, and Fathers Levis and Trigilio, all churchmen of good repute, orthodox creed and keen intellect. Their recommendations are to be taken most seriously.

As for Prof. Plinio's milestone work, Revolution and Counter-Revolution: I have myself read it, and found it, far from what has been said on this forum, to be an inspiration to me, as a Catholic. It contains within it both a coherent exposition of Catholic Society, and the divine laws pertaining there-to, but also a conclusive plan of action against the aforementioned three-fold societal enemy.
   God Bless, and May Our Lady guide you,
       - PerfectoOdio1099

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