Pope John Paul II as Cardinal
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(01-25-2012, 01:55 AM)jovan66102 Wrote: Off hand, I can't think of the last Curial Cardinal elected Pope.

Benedict XVI and Pius XII?

John XIII was Patriarch of Venice (1953 - 1959) when he was elected Pope.  He had served in the Vatican Diplomatic Corps before that.

Paul VI was Archbishop of Milan (1954 - 1963) when elected Pope.  He had served in the Vatican Diplomatic Corps and in the Secretariate of State before that.
And the Archbishop of Milan is ALWAYS made a Cardinal.

Except this time.

Pius XII's feelings about Giovanni Montini (Paul VI) are pretty clear here - he didn't want Montini voting in any conclaves, so he refused him a red hat.
One of John XXIII's first moves as Pope was to give Montini a promotion to Cardinal.
I don't exactly know what happened with the Pacelli/Montini relationship in the mid-50's, but Montini must have done something to upset PP-12.
That is a myth perpetuated in Trad circles, but it's not true. Pius XII made Montini Archbishop of Milan, which he knew to be a Cardinalatial See. If he had wanted him not to be Cardinal, he would have made him Bishop of another See. There was no consistory after AB Montini's appointment during the reign of Pius XII, so it's not like he left him out or anything. After he became Pope, John XIII made him a cardinal in his first consistory, just like every other Archbishop of a Cardinalatial See appointed between Pius XII's last consistory and his death, just like any other pope had done before him with such Archbishops.
So there is really nothing special here.

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