A Modern Plague: Possible Chastisement Scenario
(01-26-2012, 12:16 AM)DrBombay Wrote: I'd rather avoid a chastisement altogether.  The thing about chastisements is, the purpose is to chastise sinners.  And since I am one, well....no thank you. I don't have any desire whatsoever that this nation or world be struck down by some horrible chastisement.  What a hideous thought.

Many times I wish for something to happen. When I think about all those babies being murdered in abortions, or how pedophilia is so rampant in our society, the only thing I see as a solution is Divine intervention. Kinda like in the Greek (I think) plays when the hand of God comes down and removes the problem. I am sure that if a terrible chastisement would come upon us, I would find it very difficult and wish for the good ol' days of now. But as much as a chastisement seems horrible, if we are at a point where we deserve it, it much be so much worse for God to see such sin. Not sure if I make sense...

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