Malachi Martin film from Causeway pictures coming soon (trailer)
I've held this back for some time but I want to share it now that I see what year Fr.Martin was ordained. I always thought the source for this information was well a tabloid given to reports of pistoleros and desperados prone to extreme violence. In the seventies I tried to teach my self Spanish by reading La Raza, brought by the Mexicans guys at work. It was the enquirer of blood lust. It had Horrifying pictures of people killed. It taught me a few words which were handy in the machine shop with folks that spoke as little English as I spoke Spanish. Fast forward to the internet and I no longer read the La Raza for years but stumbled on it on line, thanks to Lou Dobbs. They are involved with the reconquistadores movement. I've gone to far sideways, now,  so, I saw an article on there which said they had evidence that Fr. Martin was the exorcist that the movie of the same name is based on. They showed no proof but made that bold assertion. I thought how coincidental Blatty use Marin and it was Martin. Blatty said at that time that Von Sydow couldn't get the accent right and he allowed him to speak his natural accented English. If he was ordained in '43 he'd be about old enough to do it. Very curious.


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