Catholic reflections on the American Civil War
An interview with Charles Coulombe...

In December 2010 I had the opportunity to interview Charles Coulombe, who had long been a friend by correspondence, and who I had met briefly, but with whom I had never been able to have the long-form interview I have become so accustomed to and with which I've built a subscription site.

This interview is one of three I did with Charles when he visited Kansas City last November for interviews, barbeque, and a quick tour around the town.

Accepting the premise that it's ludicrous to pretend to comprehensively cover the themes of perhaps the most important turning point in our nation's history in 30 minutes, we do try to talk about what we think was lost in 1865, what is always lost when there is change, and the role of Catholics and the Papacy in and with the Confederacy.

I normally release excerpts of my interviews with the teaser to subscribe to my video site.  This video is one of a series of full-length interviews I am releasing between now and the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas on March 7th which will give non-subscribers a chance to see what subscribers get (the subscribers have had access to this interview for 30 days already). 

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