If Newt had true sorrow for his past and has asked for forgiveness, then why do we have to keep looking into the depthness of his soul?  The greatest saints the Church has brought up were greater sinners and make Newt's infidelities., etc. look like childplay. 

Why don't we ask about Romney?  Because he has been  married to the same woman for 42 years and seems not to have any scandals attached to him?  What about the very first law of the land when he was governor of MA?  Is he more moral because of his long time marrriage than his act of passing a law that allowed same sex marriage which is now spreading like wildfire throughout the country?  Romney has to answer to God for every homo and lesbo that ever contracted marriage to the end of time.  Romney won't be responsible for the sodomites who eschew marriage; only those who do.

Why send another non-Christian to the White House?  Vote Catholic, even if in your heart this Catholic is still a sinner whom God has never forgiven.  Do we know that for sure about the forgibeness?

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