"Eucharist" as an un-articled proper noun
Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere; you guys know I am too lazy to "Search" before posting.

In the last 3 weeks, all of a sudden our (lousy NO) parish has adopted "Eucharist" as a proper noun.  It's definitely new, and I recall how jarring it was upon first hearing.

"when we come to Eucharist"
"consider Eucharist"
"remember that Eucharist is 'the source and summit' of Christian life"

So, two things here:
1. Just another flippin' NO innovation   >:(
2. this usage of Eucharist as such has been inserted in the parish prayer and the new usage appears to have been universally adopted in this short time, at least as far as I can tell by listening to the rhythm of the congregation's voice.

(As to the "parish prayer" - that is another peeve for another post).

Has anybody else encountered this use of "Eucharist"?  And are people so apathetic that they just do it because the priest does?  I guess obedience is a virtue.....but not unthinking obedience.

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