"Eucharist" as an un-articled proper noun
It seems to be a literalization for "thanksgiving". It seems like an attempt to be archaic without it actually being a current usage. It is probably just a trendy thing to say right now.

4. Thanksgiving.
1604    R. Cawdrey Table Alphabet.,  Eucharist, a thanksgiuing.
1644    Bp. J. Taylor Apol. Litvrgie §38  For which ability they should do well to pay their eucharist to the Holy Ghost.
1691    J. Norris Pract. Disc. Divine Subj. 225  The Second calls for our Praise and Eucharist.
a1716    R. South Serm. (1744) VII. 12  He‥is‥led through a vale of tears to the region of eucharist and hallelujahs.
1879    F. W. Farrar Life & Work St. Paul II. ix. xxxii. 80  Adding their Amen to the voice of Eucharist.

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