"Eucharist" as an un-articled proper noun
Back in the day I sat in on a RCIA class. The priest that taught some of the sessions hammered into the whole group that we are to use the word Eucharist instead of Mass. He would get the group to repeat it over and over. He explained why he thought we should have women priests. He said that a really good way to do Mass is around a dinner table in someone's home. He said our hosts do not look like real bread and that there are real good churches that use breat that looks like real bread. He also made fun of a person who went to confession and confessed that he had impure thoughts. He said we should confess that we didn't give money to a panhandler, instead.

I know many people think the book AA-1025 was fake. Maybe  it was. Maybe it's a coincidence. But this priest spoke verbatum like a priest in line with the communist infiltration in the book. He suggested the same things. He advocated the same things.

The point is, names matter. Chirst didn't give Peter a name for nothing.

In my estimation using the word eucharist, in the mind of a person living today, signifies a break with the past. Since we've broken with the past we are going to invent new rules and the old rules no longer apply. It's also a way to imply that the Mass is all about receiving the eucharist. As in, every time you go to Mass, you should receive, whether you are in the state of grace or not.

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