Fr. Emil Kapaun’s Cause Gets an Assist
Quote:The next step in the process is for the Secretary of Defense to officially recommend that the President award Father Kapaun the Medal of Honor. We respectfully ask for your support and further request that you convey your recommendation to award the Medal of Honor to Father Kapaun to the President in the near future.

“During the Korean War, Father Kapaun served as a chaplain of the 8th Cavalry Regiment of the First Army Division. Amidst the devastating Battle of Unsan, Kapaun pulled wounded soldiers to safety and attended to their injuries. He was taken prisoner along with other American soldiers and carried severely injured fellow soldiers on his back, while rallying others to help in a similar fashion. While in the prison camp he served his comrades by escaping to steal food from nearby farms to bring back to the starving prisoners. He cared for sick soldiers, washed them, shared his food with them, and inspired them with his unfailing faith and acts of generosity until his death in May 1951. Fellow soldiers who benefitted from or witnessed the many examples of Father Kapaun’s service shared the stories of his heroism after their release.

“It is our strong belief that these acts of selfless service on behalf of his fellow soldiers make Father Kapaun a true hero who deserves this high honor. We appreciate your time and attention to this matter and stand ready to assist in any way required.
I love the story of Fr. Kapuan, but I don't like the politicization of it. Yes, he deserves the Medal of Honor in my opinion, but to use that to push for his canonization is a bit much IMHO.

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