*Head's Up -- Day of Fasting and Prayer for the US Bishops -- Fri. Feb 3rd 2012


Day of Fasting and Prayer for the US Bishops

Public event ·  Stand with the US Bishops against the HHS

When: 3 February at 00:00 until 4 February at 00:00
Where: Universal

Please fast and pray this Friday for the courage of all US bishops and all the faithful.

Invite anyone you wish and spread word!  --- https://www.facebook.com/events/357123940966167/

Stand with the US Bishops against the HHS ---  https://www.facebook.com/CatholicsAgainstHHS
done and done!  :w2go:
Thanks Donna,
I was pleased to see my own bishop spoke out very strongly on this.
Will definitely fast and pray in the bishops' support.
Where are our elder brothers in the Faith on this one?

I guess ecumenism only goes one way. Which, of course, is the watering down of Catolicism.
I'm in. Some demons can not be cast out except by the whole Church fasting and praying. I'm hoping this becomes a tipping point, and the Bishops tell the faithful in a formal pronouncement do not obey this law it is unjust, and do not vote for those that voted for it . In my mind's eye the "pill etc." is the reason we can not get rid of abortion. The "pill etc." is stealth abortion, and it is murder. The body and brain may not get that but the soul does. It is one of the reasons we are sinking lower and lower because most of us, Americans, are murderers and the other depravities we seem to engage in are like water off a ducks back. Kill the pill or atleast make everyone aware of it's true workings, and it will be hard to hide from the facts.

Is the fasting and prayers going to coerce or make the bishop of Sabelius empowered to issue the interdict of ex-communication?  This, and throw in Pelosi as well (she just declared what a wonderful partnership the Girl scouts and Planned Parenthood would make) will give notice to all those Catholics pols.  Theses bishops are all talk (except for a few true shepherds) and no action.  What's the use of the USCCB where no two bishops agree on Catholic doctrine.  Also, I would like to know why Catholics are sending another non-Christian to the White House?  We have a Muslim now.  Next, a Mormon.
I generally fast 3 days a week. I won't break my Friday Fast out of duty and obedience, but I am tempted to Feast in honor of our cowardly bishops.

So, a compromise is in order. I think I will tell the wife to pick up some lobster for tomorrows dinner, or maybe the halibut.

Of course, not until first Vespers for the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany anticipated.
(02-02-2012, 11:33 AM)Tim Wrote: Some demons can not be cast out except by the whole Church fasting and praying.
Completely agree, Tim.  I also agree that this may be a tipping point.  I've never heard my bishop speak out like this before.  I'm praying there is more to come.

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