WHO do you blame more for the post-Vatican II issues - John XXIII or Paul VI?
Who was most responsible.  In my opinion John XXIII.  Its not up to me to judge but I think not releasing the 3rd Secret was a catastrophe.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

1.  Our Lady gives a message in 1917 to 3 peasant children.
2.  Lots and lots of detail but basically she also predicts the 2nd World War.
3.  Asks Pope to release 3rd secret in 1960 (because it will be more relevant then ...)

1960 comes ...

Pope (John XXIII) reads 3rd secret, says "this is not for our times".

It seems to me he should have done one of the following 2 things.

1.  Either he believes the message is from Our Lady in which case he releases it (even if it looks like the wrong thing to do to him).
2.  He doesn't believe it's Our Lady in which case he says.  "I dont believe Our Lady said this" and throws it in the bin.

Instead he says "This is not for our times" ... and buries it.  That is completely moronic.  What he is in effect saying is.  I believe Our Lady appeared at Fatima but she is not right about the date.  Sorry, your majesty, I think you got the date wrong and I'm the Pope so there.

Time passes.  2nd Vatican council happens.  All hell breaks loose.

Another thing Our Lady asked (Consecration of Russia) for is not done either "which again is difficult and politically problematic" but same arguments above equally apply.

To use a car analogy.  John XXIII removed the brake fluid from the car.  Paul VI started the engine.  John Paul II is heading down the Pan-American Highway heading south approaching the Darien Gap at 100mph  .....  and Benedict XVI is trying the stop the car with the handbrake.



It reminds me of Moses in the Old Testament.

Basically, God Says to Moses.

You need to kill a lamb, smear it's blood across the lintel of your front door, eat the rest and whatever is left over you must burn.  If you do this then the Angel of Death will not kill your first born.

It's a pretty bizarre request it seems to me but Moses does what he says and so did the the rest the Israelites ... and God parts the Red Sea etc. etc.  Pretty fantastic stuff you have to agree.

Our Lady's request is also a bit strange (from a human perspective) but we ignore her.  What does she know, she's just the Queen of Heaven.

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