WHO do you blame more for the post-Vatican II issues - John XXIII or Paul VI?
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(01-31-2012, 10:57 PM)DrBombay Wrote: So if the pope had not called a Council and had released the secret in 1960, all those priests that were buggering little boys and dancing on the altar in the 1960s would've been faithful, devout defenders of Tradition?  Wow.  That's magic.
I think you misunderstand. The pedophile priests were just a last symptom of the disease of a hierarchy and Church that had become a disaster.

I say Pope John XXIII. At least Pius VI admitted that Vatican II was Satanic, "The smoke of Hell has entered into the vestibule of the Church."

The pervert priests were around long before the Council.  The liberal bishops of the 60s and 70s were in seminary in the 40s and 50s and attended the traditional Mass every day. 
But they didn't come out of the closet till after the council.

Oh, so if the Council had never happened they would have stayed in the closet?  Or kept buggering altar boys in the closet?  What exactly?

Well for one thing. The Problem was the coverup the fact that Bishops would move sodomite Priests to other parishes. Back in the day they would often get removed from active ministry. St Pius V called for homo clergy to be executed for example.

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