WHO do you blame more for the post-Vatican II issues - John XXIII or Paul VI?
(02-01-2012, 01:06 PM)Adam Wayne Wrote: The idea that 98 percent of homosexuals are not pedophiles is laughable.

The distinction between pedophilia and pedestry, or whatever word you used, Mith, is irrelevant. Who comes up with these classifications? Might it be those who by degree want to make society stink? That is the slippery slope at work. Because an older youth, or younger man is involved, I suppose it is not as bad. Well, it is as bad, and maybe even worse, in that it may actually be more able to recruit or produce another homosexual.

I think any kind of sexual acts against children, be it a pedophile priest who abuses an altar boy or a sicko criminal who rapes a 16-year old girl is the most evil act I can think of.

(02-01-2012, 01:06 PM)Adam Wayne Wrote: As far as the "Pauline" statement that the "smoke of Satan has entered the Sanctuary", that could in fact be interpreted as "Mission Accomplished" to whomever needed to hear the message. And if he meant it in the right order of thinking, why did he not get a bellows to clear it out?
You're correct here as well. Pope Paul VI and John Paul II did absolutely NOTHING to stop the wave of heresy seeping into the Church. The Church still awaits an Athanasius. I was just pointing out that Pope John XXIII was the one who wanted to 'open the windows' of the Church.

(02-01-2012, 01:06 PM)Adam Wayne Wrote: Dr. Bombay is right in these last posts. And I too, have made mention of the fact that those who participated in the TLM exclusively were among the worse offenders.

But, that seems hard to grasp for the folks who think everything is the Mass. They choose to never understand this minor detail.

Oh, and Communion under both species for the laity is a joke. The Sacrificial nature of the Mass is over when the priest drinks the Precious Blood.
No you're right Adam. As I mentioned before even in the 1950's America was full of sexual immorality.

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