Susan G. Komen to quit donating to Planned Parenthood
You want to know what I think? Look for the liberals in the Chanceries to start pushing for a Susan G. Komen collection at a parish near you. They might even try to design pink stoles for the priests on those days.

At best, this is a purely business decision. And make no mistake, these mega-charities are businesses. Tax exempt to boot.

There is way to much money in cancer to look for a cure. What the oncologists do? Those people who make at least a million dollars per patient while they cut, poison, and burn their customers.

And breast cancer in particular and it's desire to fund it, is feminist agit-prop and its finest. There is not one of them that does what is good.

And I hold these views even though my dear mother died of the disease at the age of 63. So don't accuse me of having little or no mercy for the victims.

At her funeral, many people asked why Mom wanted donations made to St. Jude rather than breast cancer charities. I told them that mom was more concerned with little children who would get cancer and she knew that breast cancer research was heavily, if not overfunded. Plus she did not feel the need to glory in her disease.

That's all.

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