Pontifical Mass Feast of Candlemass
The Christ the King website will stream the Pontifical Mass for Candlemas tonight 7:30 pm EST. I thought we'd like to know.


Celebrated by Archbishop Wenski at Epiphany Catholic Church Miami Fla.

This is one of my top ten Gospels, Simeon and the nunc dimittis servum tuum, Domine "rocks".

Tim, seems like the Church of the Epiphany is a modern building. Most likely for the ordinary form? No communion rail apparently.
I'm watching it right now :)

they are chanting the hour of terce right now
I'm watching it too. I don't care for the building at all but at least the Archbishop is publicly offering a Mass like this. That at least ought to count for something. If I didn't have to work tomorrow I would have driven down to Miami to be there. Its about a five and a half hour drive for me one way so it's too far. I might be moving to Tampa soon though, which means I can drive to Christ the King for Mass regularly.
I wouldn't be surprised if there was a major renovation done to that church after this mass.

Has this bishop done a lot of TLMs? 

I'm not sure if he has. I live in the diocese of Saint Augustine so I don't know much about him. I sure hope he does after this.
me too! 

It's great hearing the nuns chanting the office and the other hymns for the mass.

The times are changing yet again.
nice... first time seeing a live Pontifical Mass. boy.... is the MC busy or what??
(02-02-2012, 09:44 PM)Edward Wrote: nice... first time seeing a live Pontifical Mass. boy.... is the MC busy or what??

do all masses that a bishop offers in the EF have to be pontifical?
I'll bet those not familiar with the TLM, who are there think they have been transported back in time, to 1254.


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