Do we have a duty to help the poor? How do we quantify that?
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Thanks for the Aquinas! The part I love best is that no one is too poor to give alms, because everyone can pray. God's use of economy is totally admirable. Every little thing can be a good. Our lives can really mean something.

I  know a recent double amputee in hospital well over 100 days (think of the bills)...and of 2 children left by a father killed in December via car accident.

They need alms!

People busting ass a long time, to work, and forced to abandon sources of employment cause the economy tanked. As parents, we work all the time & make barely a dime. It's the way it is. Have quoted St. Paul to children (rarely) unwilling to do chores: to him who will not work, let him not eat. So many people have supported others during these weird years, on every level, Deo Gratias. I reckon a few accept help as a love letter from God, much of the while working, networking, planning, managing, try to work. And won't stop trying unless God stops them. 

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