Do we have a duty to help the poor? How do we quantify that?
(02-03-2012, 10:56 AM)cgraye Wrote: Parmandur,

Yes, I don't think anyone disputes that.  The question is really whether this translates into a right for the poor to have their needs met, and, in either case, whether it is the government's place to enforce it (redistribution of wealth).  Aquinas seems to say it is not a government's place to do that.  I am particularly thinking about this in terms of health care.  Can we say that health care is a right?  Can we say that a government is right in providing it to all the citizens (setting aside practical considerations of whether this is a good idea)?

Ah, I see.  Well, then, the state certainly isn't obliged to be the keeper of everyone's conscience, but it is the keeper of the common good.  Matters which pertain to the common good, such as the fire department or the hospital, I'd say the government is legitimately involved in supporting.  I think it would work better if the local government managed things rather than the Federal, but government involvement is legitimate.

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