A Priest and his ipad
(02-03-2012, 06:09 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: Sorry, is he replacing the missal with the ipad?  Is he using it instead of the missale?  Or is he using it for his sermon, and carrying it around when he's not at the pulpit?  And is he leaving it on an altar or a table (as often used at NO)? 

If a parish has an altar missale, it's ridiculous to use an ipad instead.  It's even far more ridiculous and utterly irreverent to leave it on the altar as if it was a table.  Or leave it on the table, for that matter. 

If he's using it simply to read his sermon or look at notes for it, no problem- but there's no reason it should be anywhere but on the pulpit itself, and set up there before mass.  The congregation shouldn't really even notice.  It's a terrible sign of disrepect to simply put things not in use that have no liturgical purpose on the altar.  The only excuse I can see is if the parish actually didn't have a missal.  But considering i-pads are 5 or 6 hundred dollars and I can get an altar missal on Ebay for 3, there's no excuse.  None at all.  I would talk to the priest/and if that doesn't work, report it to your bishop. 
yes he is using the ipod instead of the altar missale - the missale is no where to be found!!
(02-03-2012, 03:14 PM)Edward Wrote: Has anyone seen a priest use his ipad to say the mass?? or read the gospel?? at the neighborhood NO the priest does and has it laying on the alter when not reading it. AND it once rang during mass!!

I know there was a thread about us using an ipad in place of a missal before but i never heard of a priest using it...

Experimentation in the NO?! It simply can't be true!
(02-04-2012, 09:16 AM)Edward Wrote: yes he is using the ipod instead of the altar missale - the missale is no where to be found!!

It almost sounds like...

1) He didn't want to spend the money on a new missal and instead uses his iPad.

2) He finds the iPad easier because he can set it up to instantly skip to the next spot.

3) He just wants to be trendy.

None of those are good enough reasons.

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