Witness the horror of Kosher slaughter
AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:The video was disgusting enough without the encendiary commentary. If you want to be a vegetarian, go right ahead.  
Speaking for myself, I don't want to be a vegetarian, but I don't want to eat meat from animals that've been killed in that manner, either.
Quote:All anyone needs to do is ask your local butcher at your favorite store if they get meat from kosher sources and then leave it at the store if it is. Or eat pig. [Image: gimmefood.gif]
That's pretty much all we can do aside from teaching others reasons not to eat kosher meat, either, or raising our own animals.
I live across the street from a farm that raises steer for their personal use and I have friends that raise their own pigs and chickens. The animals are treated humanely in life and in death at these family farms. There is even a local butcher who does his own processing for them. He does deer during the season. PETA would be outraged by that, too. 
They would. But I wouldn't. Though I am outraged by the treatment of the animals at kosher slaughterhouse.
HMiS Wrote:I am however certain, that the local Kosher butcher over here does not practice these things, again proof, that this is not to be written upon the account of Judaism (even talmudism) in general, which should be countered with theological arguments.

The problem is not just rabbinic theology, but the way that theology is lived out in the world, the reality of this ritual slaughter included. Surely you're not saying that, in discussions of Jewish-Catholic relations, we have to stick only to "theology." Remind Jews of that the next time they tell us not to build a convent in a place that offends them.
I am certain cows and animals were not kicked and stepped upon.
Can you give me the talmudic or Jewish prescriptions for these abuses of animalsHuh? I guess you can't. Then this example becomes just an example of SOME Jewish butchers treating animals in bad way SOMEWHERE.
I am sure there is no law saying "Animals must suffer to be kosher," if that's what you're asking (in fact, the way the killing was done in that video, with the ripping out of the tracheas of live animals, is explicitly NOT kosher according to the Jewish Encyclopedia's description of shechita). But the fact is that in the largest glatt kosher house in the world, animals do suffer, and very cruelly, so they may be killed in a manner deemed "kosher" by the rabbis who own, run, and live near the plant.
Quote:And it makes no point to use this against rabbinist Judaics and entering such posts in this forum, would cause too much suspicion of antisemitism in the eyes of someone else.
Well, if ripping out the throats of live animals can't be used "against rabbinist Judaics," then what can? Apparently nothing can be used "against them" in your eyes -- and just mentioning facts is to necessarily use something "against them." If 13,999,999 out of 14,000,000 Jews thought X, and someone here made a general statement indicating such, you'd still be going out of your way to say that not ALL Jews thought X, as if anyone here had said that ALL Jews thought X in the first place.
As to the "suspiciion of antisemitism in the eyes of 'someone else'," all it takes to raise it is to critique the cinematography of "Schindler's List".
Quote:I already detest the view on this forum is centered more and more upon the post temple Jews, while we Roman Catholics ourselves should be far more occupied with combatting Church crisis. I never heard Archbishop Lefebvre write books on the Jews or Jewish butchering in factories, nor did M. Davies.
You must have missed 95% of the other threads that don't talk about Judaism or organized Jewry. And we can't combat the Church crisis without talking about organized Jewry; that is a fact.
Quote:Yes, I believe Catholic teaching on treatment of animals. See my entry above in which I quoted Fr. Jone OFMCap.
Which you quoted after my relatively lengthy post about Catholic teaching on this matter, and in a way that seemed to imply nefarious motives and thoughts on the part of those who made the goings-on at AgriProcessors public.
AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:  Did you not notice my suggestion to just ask the butcher if the meat the store sells is bought from one of the kosher plants?

Why did you attempt to discredit the evidence which this thread is based upon? 
Give the quotations, that prove, that this animal abuse has its foundations in rabbinical prescription or are just local abuses of a rabbinic judaic butcher.
I am not on the "side of the rabbis" at all. I do not rally to their help, Maurice, and an insinuation by you that I do, just because I question the way some at this forum are dealing with rabbinic Judaism and its problems and abuses. That is not alright in a fair discussion among traditional Roman Catholics.
But it just seems many over here are on the side of the condemned Action Française instead of on the side of Pope Pius XI who restricted the Judaic problem to theology. Without supernatural understanding, we deviate into the superficial action-reaction mechanism of all european peoples, that have now become apostates too, in the past.
All these details of local abuses blind us from seeing the true source of Jewish infidelity.

So just prove.
directly from petas website

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the bbc recently aired a documentary called "slaughterhouse - the task of blood". its abundantly grotesque, and shows the work of the men laboring in those places, and what they do to earn their living.
Quote: directly from petas website
Well, isn't that special.
Maurice, Do you not realize that by refusing to buy products from the kosher torture shop that we are in reality protesting the practice?
Hardly a discredit to the video.
I despise PETA, but the video does speak for itself.  I don't have to worry too much about supporting Kosher butchering, it's the rare occasion that I can afford to buy beef here in Canada.  It's outrageously expensive, but then so is chicken most of the time, we eat a lot of pork.
Thanks for your "help" Ernestus. You'll most certainly be blessed for it.
AdoramusTeChriste Wrote: 
Maurice, Do you not realize that by refusing to buy products from the kosher torture shop that we are in reality protesting the practice?
Hardly a discredit to the video.

No, but this statement was a needless discredit to the video:
AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:I wouldn't trust one thing that PETA puts out.
You obviously won't own up to your own words. I have no time for this kind of dishonesty.

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