Souls in heaven rejoicing at the sight of the damned?
Fr Pfeiffer clearly states that he is quoting Scripture which is quite different from simply making a claim.

While the Psalms have their own "poetic license" way of putting it, in Catechism it is usually explained that the emphasis is not on rejoicing over another person's pain per se, but on rejoicing over God's Justice. Our understanding here on earth is very limited due to our own attachment to sin. We don't fully comprehend the evil involved in sin and we refuse to take God's word for it so hell is often seen as a bit excessive to say the least. Even if a person would never say that and fully commits themselves to trusting God on the issue, they may still feel a certain sadness over hell simply out of misplaced human compassion. But in heaven, once the intellect is enlightened to the full picture and attachment to sin is purified, that "sorrow" over hell goes away and one is able to rejoice in all aspects of God, even that of His Justice and the existence of hell and all its tortures. Every single soul in hell is there because that was their choice, period. Even they know that and would rejoice in it too if they could. I have vague memories (therefore no links) of stories of apparitions from hell who have admitted as much.

If we feel horror over the stark truth of it, we should. That is the horror of separating ourselves from God. A few selfish gratifications on earth is not worth it in the least and all we can do is pray for more grace to understand this in practice. 

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