Souls in heaven rejoicing at the sight of the damned?
I believe this is an exaggeration. When St. Peter says we exist to be made partakers of the divine nature, he means fully. The Christ, the Son of God, is incarnate for our sakes. The Incarnation is done by God for the whole of humanity, even knowing that some will die in sin. He is still incarnate for all men. If God says "my love, my dove, my beautiful one" to each soul, it is meant honestly and truly.

Those who get to Heaven will probably partake in something like sorrow over the damned, sharing the pain of loss over those dead souls with Christ: the God who cries, dies, and lives. Perhaps by justice we will rejoice, but by charity, which is God, we shall infinitely and eternally have compassionate sorrow for them, while yet retaining infinity and eternity as our joy. This is God, this is the divinity to which we are called ontologically by the Lord...

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