Souls in heaven rejoicing at the sight of the damned?
(02-05-2012, 03:20 PM)su Wrote:
(02-05-2012, 01:50 PM)Melkite Wrote: I'm sorry it bothers you so much that I'm not willing to show Aquinas the same unwavering deference as you, however, Scripture explicitly states that God wills none to perish.  If he does not will people to perish, then he is not in heaven eternally rejoicing at their suffering.  Insofar as Aquinas thought as much, he is wrong.  Anywhere that Aquinas contradicts Scripture, Aquinas is wrong.  Every.  Time.

Scripture contradicts  itself in some places as far as wording goes.

The meaning, not just the barest understanding of the wording, is what is important. I doubt you'd be able to find real errors in St. Thomas's works.

There are a few "errors", but they are not errors in principle.

This is true. When one understands what it means that God does not WILL anyone to perish, one understands that this is not a contradiction to "rejoicing" at the suffering in hell. There is a big difference between God personally making an act of the will for a person to perish and them bringing about their own destruction, being judged accordingly and everyone else having satisfaction in the just attributes of God. Also when we speak of hell we tend to address God's justice as if his attributes are separate, as if His justice is separate from His charity. But that is again a flaw in our limited understanding. God is whole, He is the perfect and constant blend of all those attributes at once at all times no matter the circumstance. He IS Truth. If something is a truth then all His attributes which we must break down into parts because that's how we operate are all present in all their perfection. If one believes hell and its torments are a truth then he must know that God's charity and love are just as present in the existence of hell as they are in the existence of heaven. The case can be made and has been made iirc that charity demands the existence of hell and the rejoicing at the suffering in hell just as much as justice does even though justice is the one we tend to focus on.     

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