Souls in heaven rejoicing at the sight of the damned?
(02-05-2012, 11:20 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: Anyway, where do you see God mocking Adam and Eve in Genesis? I don't see those passages you quoted as mockery. On the other hand, I do see mockery or ridicule coming from the serpent, the devil.
What I had quoted.

I cannot force anyone to see it as a form of mockery.

But it does show that what I see as mockery can be denied as being mockery, so therefore, the word "mockery" is applicable at least as some understand the word. You had written that you could not see God mocking the damned ones. I saw God mocking Adam, but you do not see it as such, so perhaps the mocking of the damned is the same situation. The word "mock" is applicable at least as used by some people. Therefore, you do not deny the reality (whatever words are used to express it) that may be expressed by the original disagreement.

0. Someone says God mocks the damned.
1. You disagree that God mocks the damned.
2. I say that God mocked Adam and gave an example.
3. You affirm the example as being true, but deny it is mockery.
4. Perhaps the first statement is in agreement with you as it was intended, although you would not have used the word mock.

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