Souls in heaven rejoicing at the sight of the damned?
(02-06-2012, 02:34 AM)Mithrandylan Wrote: I think part of the problem is the wording.  "Rejoicing at the sight of the damned" and "Rejoicing over God's justice" can be construed as the same thing, but the latter is a better description.  We are not rejoicing <i>because</i> people are suffering for eternity (their suffering is not the <b>cause</b> of our rejoicing) but we are rejoicing in God's justice, and <b>God</b> is the cause of our rejoicing.  In Heaven our souls are completely uniformed to God's will and we would bask and revel in His glory, and part of His glory is His justice, which is no better manifested than by the souls of Hell.  But <b>God</b> is the cause of that rejoicing, the souls in Hell are not <i>per se.</i>

BUT.. and here I go repeating myself  again…. that is what I was saying too. I agree with everything you say. Part of the problem is the wording, but I objected also to the "reality" of God and the saints “laughing at the damned” and “rejoicing at every torture” as the priest in the video described. We don't delight in the existence of hell, even though hell is an act of God's justice.. We would rather there be no hell at all in the sense that Adam and Eve never sinned to begin with, or in the sense that everyone came to salvation. Maybe this is too hard for us (me) to take in. When you take the Bible as a whole – and especially when Jesus intervenes in human history – you get a complete picture. Our Lord had harsh words for the Pharisees and warnings for the unrepentant. I never got the impression, however, that Jesus took glee in the punishment of lost souls, though their punishments are just. What I object to, really, is the preaching method of this priest and his literal interpretation of scripture. Yes, it's a good old fashioned hellfire and brimstone, and maybe we need more of that these days, but not to the distraction of the rest of scripture. I could read Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners in the hands of an angry God"and come away with the same reaction. Different stroke for different folks, I guess.

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