Souls in heaven rejoicing at the sight of the damned?
An interesting few stanzas from St. Ephrem the Syrian's first Hymn on Paradise.  It is important to note that in Ephrem's poetic imagination, Paradise is atop a mountain, separated from Gehenna by an impassable chasm, yet the denizens of both can see the other.
Quote:The children of light
  dwell on the heights of Paradise,
and beyond the Abyss
  they espy the rich man;
he too, as he raises his eyes,
  beholds Lazarus,
and calls out to Abraham
  to have pity on him.
But Abraham, that man so full of pity,
  who even had pity on Sodom,
has no pity yonder
  for him who showed no pity.

The Abyss severs any love
  which might act as a mediary,
thus preventing the love of the just
  from being bound to the wicked,
so that the good should not be tortured
  by their sight, in Gehenna,
of their children or brothers
  or family--
a mother, who had denied Christ,
  imploring mercy from her son
or her maid or her daughter,
  who all had suffered affliction for the sake of Christ's teaching.

There the persecuted laugh
  at their persecutors,
the afflicted at those who had caused them affliction,
  the slain at those who had put them to death,
the Prophets at those who had stoned them,
  the Apostles at those who had crucified them.
The children of light reside
  in their lofty abode
and, as they gaze on the wicked
  and count their evil actions,
they are amazed to what extent these people
  have cut off all hope by committing such iniquity.

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