The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
I've never seen anyone here revile and sneer at the Eastern Doctors of the Church. That would be unthinkable, especially for people who consider themselves traditional Catholics.

On the other hand, almost every month or so we have tirades of hatred and even scorn towards St. Augustine or St. Thomas, calling legitimate theological concepts "bullshit," accusing these Doctors of the Church of contradicting Scripture and finally, if that wasn't enough, accusing fellow Catholics of idolatry by saying that we burn incense at these saints altars. This behaviour is not merely unbecoming of true Catholics but belies diabolical disorientation.

Yes, the Saints aren't infallible, not even the Doctors of the Church, but we can't treat them with the contempt and vitriol that some of you, like Melkite, do. It seems the one thing that glues Easterners together is their childish anti-Romanism. I couldn't live like that.

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