The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-06-2012, 02:24 AM)INPEFESS Wrote: Asking that someone refrain from calling the theological thought of a saint (which God, Himself, praised) "bullshit" (or any such disrespect) is hardly saying that one is not permitted to criticize the saint. Going to such an extreme conclusion is indicative of an emotional reaction, which is exactly what this thread is trying to point out as dangerous.

Ok, whether you approve of my lack of respect for Aquinas or not, let's get the facts straight.  I called the idea bullshit before Vetus ever brought up that Aquinas held the belief.  So let's stop saying I was disrespecting Aquinas by calling it bullshit.  When I referred to the idea as bullshit, I wasn't aware Aquinas had any relation to it at the time, I was merely responding to the title.  Saying I was insulting Aquinas by my very first post on this thread when Aquinas hadn't even been brought up yet at this point is bearing false witness.  I don't expect Vetus to let "trivial" little facts like that get in the way of a sound thrashing and pro-Western tirade, but honestly, I thought YOU of all people were better than that.

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