The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
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[trollsmurf]The Immaculate Conception?[/trollsmurf]


But that is the beauty of it. When he is "wrong", he is usually actually right.

His "errors" are not errors as they are written. His arguments against the Immaculate Conception do not actually apply to the actual teaching as taught by the Church. He merely missed the idea that the moment of conception was the moment God preserved her from original sin. He was looking before conception and after conception.

Likewise, his error on ensoulment which seems to indicate he may support early term abortion is an error only to the extent he was unaware of the biology of human reproduction. His actual statement would fully support life beginning at conception. He was just unaware of the specifics of development and went by the classical idea that it was after 40 days. They had no idea how reproduction worked (I mean, if he were told it was a tiny "egg" which was fertilised in a fallopian tube usually 3-5 hours after intercourse, he would probably say "How was anyone here supposed to know that?"). They only had external observations of the process.

EDIT: This is not a misguided "He can do no wrong" attitude, but that his work is so rich and precise, it must be studied properly to know what is being stated.

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