The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-06-2012, 01:24 AM)Melkite Wrote:
(02-06-2012, 12:35 AM)su Wrote: I think members of the Eastern Churches are jealous of St. Thomas, a Latin writer.

It's not jealousy.  It's that his and St. Augustine's writings, *at least on the surface* are expressed in a way that an Easterner would naturally find troublesome.  We don't think from a scholastic point of view, period.  Naturally, someone who writes in a thoroughly scholastic manner, his writings will not be very comfortable or agreeable to someone who doesn't think in the same manner.  We're no more jealous of him then we think you are of St. John Chrysostom, which is, not at all.

Quite frankly, Westerners, in praising so highly Augustine and Aquinas, disdain every other father and theologian of the entire Church.  That is off-putting.  And several of you have said so yourself that this is what the Church does.  The Church has made Augustine's teaching on grace it's own.  The Church has made Aquinas' theology its own.  It's as if with one fell swoop the Latins have thrown out all the rest of Christian theology like yesterday's trash.  Even if Aquinas and Augustine are as great as you say, do you really wonder at why Easterners aren't eager to froth at the mouth over them when you pay no heed to our theological heavyweights?  I mean, seriously, in one breath you tell us that Augustine and Aquinas are far and away better than anything we've got, and that everything we have to offer in comparison is basically hopelessly inferior, and in the next breath, question why we don't give them any heed.  Even if they are the best, seriously, get over yourselves.  It's the same as any real world scenario.  If you spend all your time bragging about how awesome you are and how much better you do things than everyone else around you, are you surprised when you find yourself sitting alone at the lunch table every day?

It is always about pride isn't it?


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