The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
I've heard a priest say that you know someone is outside of the Church, or flirting with it, because they disparage St Thomas. He then goes on to list off the amazing life and virtues of St Thomas. He was truly a great saint with a life that covers the whole field. I think both sides exhibit some misunderstanding. The East should love St Thomas because his work is based a lot on two people from the east, Aristotle and Pseudo-Dionysius. Reading his works is amazing. He just exudes Catholicism and love of Christ. And even a mystic can see this in his works. As for the West, I think we can be less exacting about the Roman way of everything being neat and tidy, with an air of superiority. St Thomas toward the end of his life began to be taken over by the divine vision, and eventually declared his work straw after a vision. He really was moving beyond his own work, so we need to also follow the same path by viewing his work as a means not an end. The path of scholasticism can formulate great truth, but it doesn't stop there. There really needs to be an opening up of theological understanding. Since this was St Thomas' method, quoting from saints and doctors no matter their lineage, then it is in accord with him.

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